Pear tree

Art and culture make as human and it separate us from other mammals. Symbolic expression is an extension of our imagination. For some people, it is vital to express their imagination through creating art.

Ever since I can remember I have being playing with paint, pencils, clay or anything that I could use to express my creativity. I always thought that I was just very crafty. Only later on did I realise that I was an artist and that I not only wanted to do it, but that I needed to do so for my mental wellbeing. Art and the expression of art helped me many times through difficult periods in my life. It is a manner by which I can escape, losing myself in space and time. It feeds me with energy and positivity.

I like to create beautiful pictures which are uplifting and I draw most of my inspiration from nature. People’s stories always intrigue me and I attempt to portray this in my art. I absolutely adore trees. They are such magnificently old and wise creatures. They are for ever changing and they will never look the same throughout their entire life span.


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