I am in essence a healer and artist. It took me a while to discover this.

In 2008, at the age of 46, I unexpectedly awakened to expressing my creativity within. I discovered my latent talent as a visual artist while I was “playing” on a tiny canvas with some acrylic paint which my partner presented as a gift. I was impressed with my first attempt and decide to get some coaching. 

While embracing this wonderful new talent, I moved on to larger paintings and have not stopped since. Please click on this link to view my art.

March 2008 - My first attempt on canvas.

One additional “medium” I use to express my creativity is the Japanese art of Bonsai. I always had green fingers, even did one year Botany at University but when I found the art of Bonsai it was an immediately connection. Bonsai to me is more an art than horticulture.

To find out more about bonsai please click on this link to visit Bonsai Care. (I have done all the illustrations on this website.)

I have another strong connection with some of the ancient Japanese healing arts called Reiki. To me Reiki is yet another medium to express my creativity. Reiki has become an absolute passion and lifestyle for me. With Reiki, healing and art comes together in a beautiful synergy.

Last, but not the least, I love to write especially about my experiences of life. Through my expression of writing, painting and Reiki, I am learning more about myself, people and this beautiful planet we call Earth.


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