There are many ways to discover what are our gifts, talents or abilities.

One way is to do some self-exploration. Another is to use techniques such as Astrology or Numerology

I can establish what a Soul has chosen for this life time by looking at someone’s date of birth and then work out a particular pattern in the set of numbers. This technique is called The Character Birthprint

It is a system of analysing an individual’s personality purely by looking at the date of birth. My technique was developed by combining formulas borrowed from The Human Pin Code (developed by Douglas Forbes), Astrology, Numerology and Marston’s DISC research on human behavioural characteristics. The formulation comes to a configuration of 8 numbers that represents the person’s character for this particular lifetime. The Character Birthprint gives an indication of the person’s external personality, internal personality and life lessons. We can also work out the synergy with another person by looking at the combination of their numbers.

REMEMBER: How we behave is not set in stone; it is a choice and we can always change our behaviour according to other people’s feedback…or not.

The Character Birthprint indicates how active or reactive a person will be in their thinking and processing of information. It shows characteristics of the external personality, internal personality and the general tone (colour) of the person’s behaviour. These numbers can be a guidance to understand why we react in a certain way. It shows why certain behaviour is easy while others are more difficult. It also indicates personality traits which what come naturally.

Yes it is ALL in the numbers, the language of the Universe!

According to The Character Birthprint the number of the day that someone is born is called the Personality number and shows the personality which is projected to the outside world most of the time. For example if someone is born on the 21st then their number is a 3. This number also represents the person’s perception of their external reality and the way in which they interact with their reality.

The number of the month someone is born in expresses how a person deals with people on a more superficial level in particular with acquaintances, colleagues and clients. This number shows the aspects of the character that comes out when interacting with society.

The number of the year that someone is born in indicates the person’s purpose on earth, how they view the world and it shows what someone will be remembered by when they die. This number represents the evolutionary, progressive state of the world in that given year.

These three numbers (day, month, year) express the external personality. To see the characteristics of the internal personality we need to look at the combination of these three numbers. The last three numbers in this eight number configuration will show how we COULD be processing change in our life, what our life lessons are and how we do things.

From these numbers we can get a better understanding of where we need to do differently or what we need to change to be more fulfilled.

We are such powerful beings; too complex to fully understand, but really well equipped to live life simply and to our fullest potential. No Astrology chart or numerology reading can give us what we need for this lifetime; it can only guide us on this journey, helping us to remember what we have chosen beforehand.

The scope we have to live life to our fullest potential, is unimaginable. Life can be fantastic or horrible. It is just a matter of that what we focus on. However, sometimes we can get caught up in our day-to-day living and forget about our unique gifts, talents or abilities. Challenges and sometimes crisis are only a guidance towards a better life.

The meaning of life is for the soul to have an emotional experience.

Suffering or Joy is not chosen by the soul; it is a choice of the mind.

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