Counselling, coaching or psychotherapy can be of great help to find our inner compass.  Counselling is the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social or psychological problems or difficulties. This is a form of assistance that is offered on the basis of understanding, caring and empathy.

In order to heal we need to change, but change does not happen over night. Change is a process of transformation. The purpose of counselling is to allow the client to discuss their problems with an objective and empathetic listener and to gain perspective. It also offers you the chance to receive constructive guidance. It is important to realise that the counsellor is there to guide and not to tell what to do. The counsellor will listen and suggest, rather than prescribe.

I have a special interest in helping people who are committed to helping themselves. Counselling can guide someone towards finding a different outlook on that what we perceive as suffering. The process of counselling could be a self-exploration and does not necessarily need to be a gloomy experience. Sometimes it could be fun and enlightening. I am a qualified counsellor and am qualified in a number of different treatment modalities which supports the counselling process. My approach is spiritual, always trying to see the bigger picture. Ultimately I will endeavour to empower the client to solve their own problems and gain learning and understanding from it. This process facilitates transformation…the ultimate starting point for healing.


 People in Crises

Every crisis presents an opportunity to learn and grow. 

As a counsellor, I will guide the client towards experiencing life and their problems within the spiritual framework of their life purpose. This involves seeing our lives as a journey of spiritual growth. Trauma and crises are a means of teaching and learning, and I will assist people to perhaps see the “lesson” in a particular crises. Reiki can be a very powerful tool to assist people in crises and make this journey less painful.

People in day-to-day challenges

We are in so many relationships at any given time. Some are romantic, some are friendships, some are parental, some are colleagues and some are just impersonal. People come and go in our lives and the dynamics of the relationships keep on changing. Not all relationships are happy or functional, but we need relationships in order to grow spiritually. By avoiding relationships we deny ourselves the opportunity to grow. Intimate relationships trigger the parts of us which are scared or which are feeling vulnerable. It sometimes appears easier to just walk away from a relationship than to work through some issues, but ultimately we can’t walk away from ourselves. In order to grow spiritually we need to embrace our loving parts and not run away from our frightened parts.

There is a Divine plan in action for each one of us; we only need to find it. Life can be so much easier if we only let it unfold instead of trying to force issues from our ego’s perspective. If you need emotional help or guidance in certain aspects of life, please contact me.

Counselling via Skype or FaceTime is also available. 

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