Distant or absent healing are one of the key stones of Reiki. It is sometimes more powerful than hands-on healing. Reiki brings your energy back to balance so the body can utilise its optimal potential to heal. Some people prefer to be in their own and safe environment to receive healing.

If you are interested in a distant treatment, please contact me for more info or to arrange a special time to connect energetically.

When you receive distant healing please put aside a minimum of half an hour to sit or lie down quietly and to be open to the healing experience.

Reiki for Pets

Reiki is known for showing great results in humans, but few has been said about the positive affects of Reiki on animals. It is often MORE successful on our pets than on humans. Reiki is one of a few complementary therapies that is painless, non-invasive and stress-free for animals. It is ALWAYS safe and can even bring healing to issues unknown to the practitioner or pet owner.

As humans, we harbour many irrational beliefs that can hinder the flow of Reiki - animals do not entertain irrational beliefs. They are living in the moment and are more perceptive than humans when it comes to energy or vibrations. They do not need to understand how Reiki works or even if it works. They just accept the energy and take what is needed to bring it back to balance again. 

  • Reiki helps to calm animals who are nervous or highly strung.
  • Reiki accelerates healing after surgery.
  • Reiki can complement allopathic medicine or treatments.
  • Reiki can provide instant pain alleviate without the need to touch or manipulating the animal.
  • Reiki can help to resolve emotional- and behaviour problems.
  • Reiki can provide compassionate support for animals who are dying, thus making the transition pain free and peaceful.
  • Reiki can help to protect pets who are lost and unable to find their way back home.


 Timothy after hip-surgery 

I always had a deep connection with animals. I grew up with pets, not realising that my connection was deeper than most people I knew. I have experience in working on horses, mice, birds, fish, dogs and - off course - cats. Therefore I have a special connection with cats and mostly specialise in felines. Some say that cats are the real inventors of Reiki and Usui only rediscovered it. <smile>

If you are interested in a distant treatment for your pet, please contact me for more info or to arrange a special time to connect energetically.

HUMANS: R250 per session - EFT Payments

PETS: R250 per session - EFT Payments

HUMANS: €18 per session - PayPal Payments

PETS: €18 per session - PayPal Payments

 (Rates quoted in ZAR - South African Rand)

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 “I enjoyed your session so much and could straight away feel the grounding.”

Verena  Berlin, Germany

“…all I know is that these sessions are doing her good, making her relax and enjoying the miracles of life and Reiki. So, again, Heine, thank you for taking care of my mom in such way. I know we are on the right track here. Thank you Heine, I'm glad I have met you.”

Julia – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"Thanks for your thorough feedback. It totally makes sense and I am very grateful for your input and will be working on the points raised. I feel far more energised right now. Thank you :)"

Jana – Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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