Project "practicing my drawing skills"

50 pencil drawings on paper

I started this project with the intention of taking my drawing skills to the next level. The objective was to draw 50 subjects with a range of difficulty levels.

 The learning and enjoyment I gained from completing this project were beyond my wildest expectations.

I discovered that I can draw anything if I put my mind to it and keep focussed, regardless of the object. It is critical to break the picture down into small bits of basic shapes, while constantly checking the proportions and lighting. When drawing from a reference picture, one could easily get trapped in trying to produce a 100% exact copy of the original reference picture. In order to guard against this and make it even more special, it is vital to put your own energy into the drawing by changing something and/or bringing something new into it. Let the drawing guide you. Sometimes a “mistake” can lead to something beautiful and that is the process of true creativity.

I realised that the drawings which received the most positive feedback and comments, were the drawing which provided the most fun while drawing them. Clearly the viewer is picking up on the creative energy and joy. Another realisation was that I enjoyed it more to draw something from nature than to draw people or man-made objects. 


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