The Reiki Treatment

Deep relaxation is central to a Reiki session. The receiver of the energy defines the extent to which Reiki can work, because only the required amount of energy is absorbed.  If the receiver is not accepting of the energy or feels negative about it, then its effectiveness will be reduced. 

Reiki is not a massage, hence the client been fully clothed during the session. Healing is facilitated on many levels, depending on the practitioner’s experience and training.


Reiki and other healing modalities.

Reiki is a wonderful technique to combine with other modalities of healing. I combine it with Reflexology and Counselling. 

Through the process of dealing with a severe personal illness and working with Reiki, I have learned valuable lessons and as a result gained understanding and empathy for other people’s pain and suffering. 

Therefore the combination of Reiki and Counselling proves to be highly effective, thus dealing with personal, social or psychological problems of difficulty on both a conscious level as well as a deeper subconscious level.

In my practice I also find the combination of Reiki and Reflexology to be a very popular. It might be the instant relaxation of massaging the feet that helps the client to connect quickly with Reiki. Another contributing factor is that Reflexology helps to ground, which brings a feeling of safety and security for the client when receiving Reiki.

Reiki is a popular modality for so many practitioners in combination with other modalities of healing.

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