One does not need any previous experience to become a Reiki practitioner; however, you would require an attunement or initiation. This attunement (Reiju = blessing) can be done only by a Reiki Master. This is one of the elements of the technique of Reiki. The student should also have an open heart, the desire to receive the Reiki initiation and carry the intention to use it. Through the process of attunements, energy will automatically start flowing. The more you work with the energy, the stronger the flow of Reiki will become.

About 80% of Reiki teachings are done in the Western style. According to this style there are four degrees of Reiki.

Reiki I is primarily for self-healing and hands-on healing to others.

The next level of Reiki focuses on emotional-, mental- and karmic healing. In this second degree of teaching the student is introduced to symbols and instructed on how to work with symbols. Healing with Reiki II adds considerable power to conduct sessions. It also adds methods and tools for performing healing on a person or animal not physically present. This is referred to as distance healing.

The third degree of Reiki is an advanced level of this technique. It involves higher spiritual energy and results in deeper spiritual healing. Reiki III is recommended especially to those who wish to make Reiki a key part of their daily lives.

The last level is the Master level. A Reiki Master is simply a teacher of Reiki and one who has mastered the discipline. No ego or ownership should be involved in this title. Click here to learn how to find the right teacher.

 Tuition Fees *

Reiki I


Reiki II

R1 200-00

Reiki III

R1 200-00


R2 000-00


Please click on this link to view the list of People who studied Reiki with me.

Classes are all one-day workshops presented in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town.

Rates include a comprehensive manual; a certificate and a full lunch.

Private tuition and payment options are available on request - please contact me for rates.

* Fees are subject to change and stated in ZAR.




“ I can’t thank you enough for my gifted Reiki course. I’m a different person and the entire experience was breathtaking. I really connected with the method ...” 


“Thank you very much for your teachings yesterday and for helping me to become attuned. Reiki has always brought such peace and healing into my life – I feel such gratitude that I am able to practice Reiki on myself and help others. Thank you!”


“Thank you very much for your time and energy (I could see we used a lot of it!) on Saturday – I am looking forward to working as a student under your very experienced hands.”


“Reiki is fab. You have imparted a skill that will be a constant resource for me. I am recommending you all over the show and I hope some of those people take it up.” 



“Thanks for the inspiration - you definitely will be a part of my life. I will pursue the path I have chosen.”



"After a headache and the most depressing feeling I have had in a long time, I spent a lot of time on Saturday night and Sunday sleeping. I was miserable and fidgety. THIS MORNING - WOW. I have not felt such an invigorating will for life in a long time. Thank you for the gift.”



"I am enjoying Reiki very much so far! I feel a lot more connected to everything although I also get less tolerant of situations and people that make me uncomfortable! I also feel that I can express myself more clearly on the days I have done self Reiki."



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